Construction snapshot on Fitzsimons Lane upgrade

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We’ve been busy upgrading drainage and relocating critical services to prepare to convert the Porter Street and Main Road roundabouts to traffic lights as part of the Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade. These enabling works will continue.

Three-month construction snapshot

Main Road

Stormwater and asphalt works

Until December, we’ll continue intermittent lane closures from 9am to 3.30pm and 7pm to 6am on sections of Main Road and Fitzsimons Lane. There will also be some occasional full day lane closures.

During this time we'll remove old drainage pipes, lay new storm water drainage pipes, and build new road pavement.

Major works at Main Road intersection

We'll take advantage of having fewer cars on the road in January 2022 and use the school holiday period to progress major construction. This major construction will need significant lane closures through the Main Road intersection, which will result in delays and some movements being detoured. These above ground works will see the intersection converted to traffic lights.

Drivers who travel through the Fitzsimons Lane and Main Road intersection are encouraged to consider exploring other travel options during this time. This may include using alternative routes, avoiding peak hours and looking at flexible working arrangements, in order to avoid delays through this intersection.

Porter Street

Working underground and overhead

Until December 2021, there's a lane closure along Porter Street west of the roundabout to safely construct new drainage and build new pavement.

From December 2021 into January 2022 we'll switch traffic onto the newly constructed asphalt and then continue works to upgrade the existing pavement on the western leg of Porter Street.

We're also relocating gas pipes on Fitzsimons Lane, north of Porter Street until January 2022. To do these works there's a 24/7 southbound lane closure through the Porter Street intersection with a reduced speed of 40km/h. At the completion of these gas works, pavement and drainage works will take place through to February 2022.

Foote Street

Drainage and pavement

Until late December 2021, there’ll be 24/7 north and southbound lane closures on Williamsons Road, between Serpells Road and Atkinson Street. This allows us to install new drainage and build new pavement to prepare the area for the new intersection.

From January 2022 there'll be additional 24/7 lane closures. This will allow us to move the work area from the centre median to the outside of the road, providing space for key service relocations including the under-grounding of some power cables in preparation for the upgraded intersection.

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