Foote Street now open after major works

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Foote Street re-opened at the Williamsons Road intersection, Templestowe, on Sunday night 7 August 2022 after major construction which saw 3 months’ of work in 6 weeks. Major works upgraded the intersection with additional approach lanes and extended turn lanes.

To add the approach lanes and extend the turn lanes, crews;

  • renewed drainage systems
  • carried out earthworks
  • laid new asphalt
  • installed new traffic signals.

The intersection upgrade will help prevent traffic queues building up on Williamsons Road and Foote Street.

Finishing works around the intersection will continue until later in the year to complete asphalting, line-marking, road sign installation and final utility works. Traffic management will be in place to keep workers and road users safe.

These major works completes the project’s fourth and final major construction campaign as part of the intersection upgrades.

Once complete the Fitzsimons Lane upgrade’s improvements will create a smoother and more reliable journey for more than 60,000 motorists who use the road each day.

In addition to increased intersection capacity, construction will include installing safety barriers at key locations, opening bus lanes to all vehicle use between Porter and Foote Streets and adding or renewing walking and cycling paths.

Fitzsimons Lane is a key link between Eltham and Templestowe, with the upgrade reducing congestion in peak periods to provide more reliable travel times, improving safety and making walking and cycling around the community safer.

The Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade is being delivered with construction partner BMD Constructions with crews clocking more than 350,000 construction hours on the project so far.

With finishing works on the Fitzsimons Lane upgrade continuing into Spring, motorists are asked to plan their journey.

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