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Monitoring road barriers in Australian first

In an Australian first, we’re trialling new technology to monitor road barriers as a part of our Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade.

6 Sentinel Impact Trackers have been attached to safety barriers surrounding critical Main Road roundabout works in Eltham. These devices pick up significant bumps and vibrations and send real-time updates of collisions to construction supervisors. Road teams can quickly respond, clearing away any debris from the site and minimise the risk for potential damage to other vehicles and preventing further accidents.

The trial at the Main Road roundabout will conclude at the end of 2021, with scope to re-use the devices at other key intersections of the Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade in a bid to boost safety across the project. Initial results from the trial are promising, a thorough review of the effectiveness will be undertaken which will investigate potential future uses.

Project Director Dipal Sorathia says the trackers will see a reduction in clean up time after any impacts. "The Sentinel Impact Trackers alert construction supervisors and road teams in real time, meaning crews can start cleaning up the site immediately and keep motorists safely moving through the area,” he says.

"Safety is our absolute priority here at MRPV, and it's great to be able to work with our construction partners when trialling these new and innovative ideas that make a real difference on the ground."

Collaborating with industry to identify, trial and implement new technologies drives us to build better roads.

The Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade will improve traffic flow and safety for the 60,000 people who drive through the area daily, and is set to be completed in 2023.

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