Halving travel times on an upgraded Fitzsimons Lane

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Regular users of one of Melbourne north-east’s busiest arterials are enjoying more reliable journeys and less time stuck in backed-up traffic, with the majority of works across all four intersections as part of the Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade now complete.

Driving the length of the project alignment between Eltham and Templestowe is smoother than it’s ever been – with additional lanes and traffic lights easing congestion and ensuring safer, more efficient journeys through the north-eastern suburbs.

Early data released today shows new traffic lights and additional lane capacity are helping get one of Melbourne’s most important north-south suburban routes moving again, easing congestion and decreasing travel times in both directions.

As promised, the most significant improvements are being seen during peak periods, with the average travel time dropping by around 50 per cent.

As expected, early trends suggest when you’re travelling along the Fitzsimons Lane corridor during peak periods, you’ll save up to 12 minutes on your journey almost every time whether you’re heading towards the city in the morning peak or back towards Eltham in the afternoon peak.

Signalised intersection upgrades replacing roundabouts at Main Road and Porter Street are allowing traffic to flow more consistently on green lights – when coupled with new lanes – are working together to reduce queue lengths.

Whether you’re travelling on Saturday morning or during the Tuesday afternoon peak, whether you’re heading southbound towards the Eastern Freeway for work or northbound back home to see your family, it’s going to be a more reliable and consistent journey so you can better plan your day.

With around 60,000 motorists using Fitzsimons Lane every day, the upgrade is giving local roads back to local drivers by reducing rat-running away from side streets - like Hawtin Street - by up to 80 per cent during the afternoon peak.

New off road shared use paths are already providing safer access for locals, with a link from the Bolton Street shops via the Main Road intersection to the sporting fields at Lower Eltham Park to be complete by the end of the year.  Finishing touches will also be put on shared use paths at Porter and Foote Streets.

Over the coming months there will be some temporary lane closures and speed restrictions will be in place to complete landscaping, permanent lighting, asphalting, line-marking, sign installation and bus stop hardstands and shelters at nominated locations.

Fitzsimons Lane connects Eltham and Templestowe to neighbouring eastern and northern suburbs, as well as the Eastern Freeway, carrying more than 60,000 vehicles each day. Its upgrade will improve journey times, reduce congestion, enhance public transport reliability and keep cyclists and pedestrians safe from busy traffic at the intersection.

The Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade is on track to be completed in 2023.

For more information about works and planned disruptions over winter visit the Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade project page.

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