Watching out for wildlife on the Hall Road Upgrade

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Works have begun on the Hall Road Upgrade as the project gears up for the start of major construction in mid-2022.

While we’re committed to retaining and protecting as much plant life and flora on the project as possible, some trees and native vegetation do need to be removed to make way for the new lanes on the upgrade.

To ensure that local wildlife stays safe and sound as we carry out these works, our crews are accompanied by an ecologist acting as a dedicated fauna spotter.

Our ecologist’s job starts a week before a tree is scheduled to be removed, with a fauna pre-clearance to identify any potential animal habitats in a given tree. They then remain on-site during removal works, thoroughly checking each and every tree before it’s removed to make sure it’s clear of any fauna.

Any furry or feathered friends that are found are safely relocated and released to suitable habitat, minimising our impact on the local environment.

To help further reduce the impact of the Hall Road Upgrade, we’ve worked extensively with ecologists and arborists through the planning and design of the project to assess and identify trees and vegetation that can be retained.

We’ve also implemented tree protection zones in our work area. No works or construction equipment are allowed within these zones, which will stay in place until the project is complete, preserving native trees, vegetation, and wildlife.

Find out more about how we’re minimising our impact on the Hall Road Upgrade.

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