Melbourne Airport Rail to create jobs for years to come

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Following an historic agreement between the Australian and Victorian governments, by the end of the decade Melbourne Airport Rail Link will take travellers from the airport into the Melbourne CBD in less than 30 minutes.

The route for the project will connect Victoria’s regional and metropolitan rail networks to the airport for the first time.

Construction will begin in 2022, and the target completion date is 2029. The project will support up to 8000 jobs during construction.

Airport trains will run through the Metro Tunnel, meaning families in the booming south-eastern suburbs can get to the airport without changing trains, and most Victorians will have just 1 interchange from their closest station.

Melbourne Airport Rail will use the new fleet of High Capacity Metro Trains – the biggest and most passenger-friendly trains on Victoria’s train network.

The Victorian and Australian governments have committed $5 billion each in funding, and detailed planning and development work is currently underway.

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Melbourne Airport Rail