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A tough project-wide noise standard

In response to community feedback we’ll be building high-quality noise infrastructure to meet a noise standard of 63 dB(A).

The noise standard is the same as the standard introduced for the West Gate Tunnel project.

Some key aspects include:

  • Applies to all residential areas along North East Link as well as the planned upgrades to the Eastern Freeway and M80 Ring Road
  • Will provide better protection from noise for residents along the Eastern Freeway where a noise standard of 68 dB(A) currently applies
  • Would cover open spaces along the project alignment where needed to protect nearby residents and sensitive receptors such as schools or noise sensitive community buildings.
  • Other specific issues related to noise will be considered in our ongoing project design work and EES studies.

More information will be available when the EES goes on display early next year.

Read more about our noise and air quality studies. PDF, 1.2 MB

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