Sustainable outcomes for car park upgrade

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Sustainability is a key outcome for the new car park at Waurn Ponds Station, with recycled asphalt used to pave the new parking spaces.

Construction partner Downer used its recycled asphalt product Reconophalt to pave the gravel and overflow car parks, as part of the Waurn Ponds Station upgrade.

The asphalt contains recycled products derived from waste that would otherwise have been sent to landfill including soft plastics from plastic bags and packaging as well as waste toner from print cartridges.

Around 20 per cent of the recycled asphalt product used in the new section of the Waurn Ponds Station car par  featured materials from road maintenance and construction projects conducted by the contractor across Melbourne.

In further sustainability results for the project, more than 3,500 tonnes of recycled concrete was also used from a local recycling site to stabilise and strengthen construction laydown areas, access roads and the site compound area.

The project initiatives help support the Victorian Government’s recently introduced Recycled First Policy.

The Recycled First Policy requires bidders on all major transport infrastructure projects to demonstrate how they will optimise the use of Victorian recycled and reused materials.

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