Upgrading the Gippsland Line for the future

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Major upgrades underway on the Gippsland Line will include a new signalling system to boost reliability and future-proof the line.

The signalling upgrades to the Gippsland Line will deliver new signalling equipment, upgrading the Train Control System, which monitors train locations and movements to ensure safety and help improve reliability on the line.

The new signalling system will enable a 40-minute service between the peaks and improve overall performance by allowing trains to make up time for minor delays.

The new signalling system will also future-proof the line for further service uplift.

Testing and commissioning of the new system will take place in 2023.

Works to upgrade Morwell and Traralgon stations as part of the project are also ramping up.

At Morwell, the waiting room on the new second platform is taking shape, and crews have also started signal cabling route works in the car park.

Upgrades at Traralgon Station are also progressing well, with construction on the new second platform and the foundations of the accessible pedestrian overpass well underway.

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Gippsland Line Upgrade