Goats doing un-bleat-able job on the Mickleham Road Upgrade, no kidding!

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On-site grass and weeds really get the goat of the team delivering safer, more-reliable travel with the Mickleham Road Upgrade – Stage 1.

In fact, the team was so determined to control unwanted growth at the project’s Greenvale site compound that they turned the tables – and got goats. Now a 3 member crew of the Boer breed is happily munching away in a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to the compound’s nuisance plants. And no kidding, the results are un-bleat-able!

The goats are deployed to a rocky area of the fenced compound where mowing or slashing are unfeasible. With the goats controlling the roughly 400-square-metre area’s grass and weeds, staff are safer from fire and snake risks. The environment benefits, too, with the goats making herbicide use unnecessary.

The goat initiative aligns with the Big Build’s key priorities of reducing emissions and delivering optimal environmental outcomes.

The goat innovation was the brainchild of Radley Schofield, an Environmental Advisor with Major Road Projects Victoria’s construction partner on the upgrade, BMD Group. Mr Schofield said the goats’ ability to consume woody weeds made them a better option than sheep. They were also good for morale, he said, with staff enjoying the goats’ presence and antics at the compound.

Mr Schofield expected the animals to remain on-site for the duration of the project, due for completion by mid-2025. The upgrade team is in discussions to rehome the goats at an appropriate location after the project’s completion.

The Mickleham Road Upgrade – Stage 1 is adding lanes in each direction between Somerton Road and Dellamore Boulevard to improve safety and ease congestion for the 25,000 drivers using the road daily. Stage 1 will replace the roundabout at Somerton and Mickleham roads with a new traffic light intersection, including priority bus lanes, to better manage traffic flow.

The project will also build a new traffic light intersection at Aitken College, upgrade key intersections and build new sections of shared walking and cycling path to improve connectivity on Mickleham Road.

Planning and development work is underway to inform the potential Mickleham Road Upgrade - Stage 2, between Dellamore Boulevard and Craigieburn Road.

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