Mickleham Road Upgrade flicking the switch on solar and batteries

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An integrated battery and solar generator system is now hard at work in Melbourne’s north, storing clean energy from 30KW solar panels and providing much needed power to the Mickleham Road Upgrade – Stage 1 HQ.

Crews have installed the extensive Skybox Energy Storage System at the project’s compound site just outside Greenvale, which is where the 2 big batteries are in operation.

Supported by construction partner BMD, we've invested in the 2 batteries as part of the SkyEnergy Storage System - a 60-kilowatt hour system using Skybox batteries which are integrated with the Mickleham Road Upgrade – Stage 1 HQ.

This is SkyEnergy’s biggest battery assembly at the headquarters of an Australian infrastructure project - big enough to power the compound for up to 18-20 hours straight in summer.

Along with being able to store and quickly release energy for the project’s headquarters, the batteries can also provide renewable energy into the Victorian grid.

The batteries are charged by the solar farm and store 100 per cent renewable energy – with up to 40% to be injected into the electricity grid at times during summer periods.

Construction and assembly of the batteries and solar panel system has supported 10 direct jobs.

It will help the Mickleham Road Upgrade – Stage 1 reduce the projects’ reliance on wholesale electricity – by storing cheap renewable energy when the weather makes it plentiful and discharging it into the grid when possible.

The investment in a large-scale battery storage system will boost reliability, drive down reliance of diesel-powered generators and support the state’s transition to renewable energy.

Over the Spring months, crews on the upgrade will continue jet fuel pipeline protection works, utility relocations, pavement and construction works, paving the way for further major construction activities later this year.

The project is scheduled for completion in mid-2025.

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