Burwood community helps design new park and playground

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A new park and playground in Burwood will feature playground favourites the community has nominated, including slides, swings, a seesaw and climbing equipment - all surrounded by gardens and trees.

Construction of the new park between Cumming Street and Gillard Street starts soon following extensive community consultation.

The new park and playground will back directly onto the Lundgren Chain Reserve, and is being built as part of our early construction, providing an alternative to the Sinnott Street Reserve, which is required for construction of the new Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) East station at Burwood.

Local community members shared their feedback to help shape the design of the new park with ideas about play equipment, recreational space, seating, shelter and lighting.

Residents told us they wanted slides and swings and stressed the importance of inclusive facilities so all children – including those with a disability – can enjoy it. The shared paths, rubber ground and visual and sensory activities within the play space will all be fully accessible.

New barbecues and picnic tables will be built further down Lundgren Chain Reserve near Highbury Road.

Residents said they valued the local native vegetation, including existing trees on the property, and wanted the new park to include grassed areas with tree shade, and told us they would use the existing Lundgren Chain Reserve Walk more if the new park backed directly onto it.

SRL East will deliver huge benefits for Burwood, improving access to Deakin University for thousands of staff and students and connecting locals to Melbourne’s train network and key destinations across the city. Trains will be running by 2035.

Changing between SRL and other modes of transport will be quick and easy, with a new tram stop outside the station on Burwood Highway, a new bus interchange on Sinnott Street, accessible pick up and drop off areas and 750 bike parking spaces.

New pedestrian and cycling paths and crossings will connect our station to Deakin University, Bennetswood Reserve and Gardiners Creek Reserve.

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