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Victoria’s Big Build is getting on with the job safely

Construction on Victoria’s Big Build resumed safely on 5 October, after a 2-week industry-wide shutdown to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Workers on major transport infrastructure projects spent the 2 weeks getting vaccinated to help keep worksites and the community safe.

Strict processes are in place to check and record the vaccination status of workers entering construction sites. No vaccination, no entry.

New safety measures

Where possible, worksites have been fitted out with sheltered outdoor rest areas to ensure workers are as safe as possible during break times.

Ventilation plans have also been put in place for indoor rest areas to ensure worksites are complying with new construction public health orders, requiring the entire air volume of crib/meal rooms to be replaced or filtered 5 to 6 times an hour, or around every 10 to 12 minutes.

Additional measures making worksites even safer include new physical distancing markers, better ventilation in site sheds and the presence of COVID-19 safety marshals.

Ramping up safety checks

On-the-spot safety checks are a successful way to achieve compliance and our safety teams have conducted almost 11,000 checks across our sites during the pandemic. These inspections will ramp up in the coming weeks as we monitor and audit compliance across our projects.

Working together to keep building big

We’ve worked closely with our building partners, the unions and broader construction industry to get our worksites and workers reset and back to work.

This is a challenging time for Victoria, and we are focused on boosting our safety efforts even further to slow the spread of coronavirus and keep building big for Victoria.

Melbourne - inner Victoria's Big Build