All six lanes are open, tripling the capacity of the bridge, providing relief to the 44,000 drivers who rely on the bridge every day.

Travel time has been reduced by almost 50 per cent when travelling in the opposite direction during the afternoon peak, falling from an average of 6 minutes to an average of 4 minutes.

Early indications show travelling southbound during the morning peak has resulted in travel time savings, with the average travel time of nearly nine minutes being halved.

so far the project has:

  • laid more than 11,800 tonnes of new asphalt, the equivalent to over 1,900 elephants
  • laid more than 9000 cubic metres of crushed rock, the equivalent to three swimming pools
  • completed more than 326,000 hours of work.

The new bridge was opened to traffic in October 2018 with one lane operating each way while vital work started to rejuvenate the existing 128-year-old heritage bridge to transform it into a shared pedestrian and cycling path.

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