The planning approvals process for Victoria’s biggest road project has started, with an Environment Effects Statement (EES) for North East Link now out for public comment.

An EES is Victoria’s most transparent and rigorous impact assessment process. It gives decision makers such as the Minister for Planning the information they need to determine whether planning approvals should be granted and what conditions should apply.

The public has 40 business days to consider the detailed documents and make a submission to an independent advisory and inquiry committee.

What’s in the EES?

The EES for North East Link has information about a reference project design, including:

  • how the project has been developed and assessed
  • an overview of the potential effects
  • Environmental Performance Requirements that define the environmental outcomes that must be achieved during construction and operation of North East Link
  • 18 technical reports on topics such as traffic, noise, air quality, ecology and social impacts
  • a map book showing drawings of the reference project assessed for the EES
  • an Urban Design Strategy that will help ensure the project is designed and built to high standards
  • a Works Approval Application for the construction of the tunnel ventilation system
  • a draft Planning Scheme Amendment.

For more information on where to see the EES, information displays where you can talk to specialists visit the EES section of the North East Link website.

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