Work is underway to build extra lanes on the West Gate Freeway between the M80 Ring Road and Williamstown Road.

As part of the West Gate Tunnel Project, the upgrade also features:

  • entry and exit portals where the tunnels connect with the West Gate Freeway
  • a ventilation structure at the tunnel exit to remove air from inside the outbound tunnel
  • interchange upgrades at the M80 Ring Road, Millers Road, Grieve Parade and Williamstown Road
  • ramps to Hyde Street to connect trucks directly with local industry
  • noise walls to reduce traffic noise for residents and open spaces
  • walking and cycling paths to complete missing links in the Federation and Kororoit Creek trails, including new overpasses over Williamstown Road and Stony Creek
  • a Freeway Management System to support good traffic flow and safety
  • New open spaces and planting thousands of trees and other plants in the freeway area.

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