The stations, named North Melbourne, Parkville, State Library, Town Hall and Anzac, will incorporate the local character of each location and are set to become distinctive Melbourne landmarks.

The project is leading the way in infrastructure design as the stations will feature soaring archways, wide platforms and plenty of natural light.

When completed, the Metro Tunnel will also deliver more open space and new parks.

View the image gallery below to explore each station.

The entrance at North Melbourne Station features a large brick archway
Brickwork at North Melbourne Station will reflect the area's industrial heritage
View of the station platform at North Melbourne Station with natural light
The escalators at Parkville Station will allow travellers to see its green surroundings
A view of the concourse at Parkville Station
The platforms at Parkville Station
Anzac Station will have a canopy reaching up from below ground
The concourse at Anzac Station will be bright and spacious
Each station will feature platform screen doors, as seen here at Anzac Station
View of the main State Library Station entrance, a northern gateway to the city
The platforms at State Library Station showing its high, vaulted ceilings
At the CBD stations, the platforms and concourse will be integrated on a single level
The Swanston Street entrance to Town Hall Station
The concourse at Town Hall Station with open retail spaces and sweeping arches
The Federation Square entrance to Town Hall Station, which will connect to Flinders Street Station
The CBD stations will have 19m long underground platforms, some of the widest in the world

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