The completed reference design includes more open space than before and 25 kilometres of walking and cycling paths.

When completed, the North East Link will be one of the quietest motorways in Victoria, built to a noise standard of 63 decibels.

The project spans from the Eastern Freeway to the M80 Ring Road and includes an overhaul of the Eastern Freeway, where travel times will be slashed by up to 40 per cent.

Twin-tunnels stretching 5.3 kilometres will be built under Bulleen Road, with three lanes in each tunnel, to protect residential and environmental areas above.

Construction is set to begin in 2020, with the project going out to market next year.

North East Link at a glance

  • New free flowing interchange connecting the M80 and Greensborough Bypass to North East Link.
  • Freeway interchange at Grimshaw Street in Watsonia.
  • Interchange at Lower Plenty Road allowing motorists access to Rosanna.
  • Victoria’s longest road tunnels at 5.3 kilometers long, built to protect homes, the Yarra River and parklands above.
  • Tunnel interchange at Manningham Road providing access to Bulleen Road.
  • Connection to the Eastern Freeway, next to Bulleen Road, allowing motorists to travel towards the city, and EastLink.
  • A massive overhaul of the Eastern Freeway will add new lanes, for quicker, toll-free trips.
  • Dedicated high speed busway on the Eastern Freeway from Doncaster to towards the city.