Construction on stage two of the Monash Freeway Upgrade has begun, with works planned to add extra lanes and improve connections to Melbourne’s vital corridor.

This upgrade will provide a massive boost to motorists in Melbourne’s south east by easing traffic congestion and improving road safety.

During construction, the Monash will remain open during peak periods, and any major lane closures will be scheduled outside of busy times.

Work is already underway on the freeway shoulder to maintain lane availability during construction, and temporary line marking will begin in the coming weeks.

Stage two will consist of the following works:

  • adding 36kms of new lanes on the Monash and Princes Freeways, between:
  • Warrigal Road and Eastlink outbound
  • Eastlink to Springvale Road inbound
  • Clyde Road to Cardinia Road, in both directions
  • connecting Police Road to the freeway with an outbound on-ramp
  • connecting the Jacksons Road outbound ramps directly to Eastlink with a separate road
  • adding two extra lanes in each direction on O’Shea Road between Clyde Road and Soldiers Road
  • extending O’Shea Road to join the Beaconsfield interchange – and also upgrading the interchange by adding an inbound freeway off-ramp and an outbound freeway on-ramp
  • building a shared walking and cycling path on O’Shea Road between Clyde Road, Berwick and the Princes Highway, Beaconsfield.

Smart transport technology and new overhead gantries will be installed on the Monash, giving motorists live traffic information and better lane management during incidents to keep traffic flowing.

The project is jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian governments and is due to be completed in 2022.

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