The Seaford Road level crossing has been removed ahead of schedule after a six-week construction blitz.

To remove the level crossing, a road underpass was built 1.5 metres below ground level, while the rail line was raised by five metres.

Sixteen L-shaped concrete segments up to 30 metres long and weighing 60 tonnes were craned into place and joined together in pairs to form the U-shaped viaducts trains now run through.

More than two kilometres of new track have been laid, 35 kilometres of signal cabling and 25,000 tonnes of ballast have been put down. The earth embankments either side of Seaford Road are constructed from 45,000 tonnes of engineered fill. More than 100,000 trees, plants, and shrubs will be planted.

On average, the Seaford Road level crossing would be down for 32 minutes during each morning peak for the 17,000 vehicles using Seaford Road each day.

Workers celebrate the opening of Seaford Road
Traffic flows after a six-week construction blitz
17,000 vehicles will use the new underpass every day
A train passing over the new elevated rail bridge at Seaford Road
One of the 30-metre-long, L-shaped segments being lifted into place
Track being laid during the construction blitz
More than two-kilometres of new track has been laid

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