The $2.2 billion Suburban Roads Upgrade Program will be delivered using an innovative procurement approach to give local construction companies more opportunities to win contracts.

Twelve priority projects in Melbourne’s north and southeast will be progressively awarded to pre-qualified companies under this new approach.

The approach is modelled on the Level Crossing Removal Project - a collaborative model that delivers benefits for both local communities and industry, while providing certainty for the construction sector. It will support Tier 2, 3 and 4 companies to access this work, creating more jobs and capacity in the construction sector.

Smaller construction companies have been consulted to understand how to best support their involvement in the Big Build program.

Construction companies will be pre-qualified following a tender process for work according to the scale and complexity of jobs – with work awarded based on past performance and value-for-money.

For more information, see the Suburban Roads Upgrade Program page.

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