Major excavation is underway across all five Metro Tunnel stations sites, with work on Anzac Station now ramping up.

A 300-metre-long, 30-metre wide, and 22-metre-deep station box will be excavated on St Kilda Road, the future Anzac Station location.

An acoustic shed will be built over the site where roughly around 40,000 tonnes of rock and soil will be removed. The shed is expected to contain dust and noise made from the large-scale dig.

See below for the proposed Anzac Station look.

Image shows proposed Anzac Station concept image

5 million tonnes of rock and soil will be removed to construct the five Metro Tunnel Stations and the twin nine-kilometre rail tunnels.

80 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of rock and dirt is being removed to build the new underground Parkville Station.

Workers will first dig three metres deep and then construct a makeshift deck made up of concrete at surface level. The deck will help reduce dust and noise from the dig.

Once the excavation reaches 15 meters deep, gantry cranes will be used to remove the rest of the dirt by lowering buckets via holes made in the deck. The cranes will remove up to 35 tonnes worth of rock and dirt at a time.

The excavation will continue until the end of the year.

Shows excavators starting the process of digging in to the site

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