Two extra lanes have been added to the M80 Ring Road, from Sunshine Avenue to the EJ Whitten Bridge.

The capacity of the EJ Whitten Bridge has increased to five lanes – no easy feat considering it’s the second highest road bridge in Victoria, sitting at 50 metres in height.

Other improvements such as variable speed limit signs and dynamic lane management will keep drivers moving and cut congestion around Sunshine Avenue, Keilor Park Drive and the Calder Freeway.

Nearly 200,000 drivers use the M80 Ring Road each day, including 22,000 trucks.

Here are some stats about what it took to build the widened M80:

  • 1,000 construction workers
  • 675,000 hours
  • 60,000 tonnes of asphalt
  • 36,000 tonnes of concrete
  • 4,000 tonnes of steel.

View of the M80 Ring Road from below with a projection on a wall for White Ribbon Day

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