Construction is underway on the Kororoit Creek Road level crossing removal and partial duplication of the Altona Loop.

A worker driving machinery through a construction site while heavy machinery works on train tracks in the distance

The Kororoit Creek Road level crossing will be removed by building a dual rail bridge, with the duplication extending for 800 metres from the Altona junction to the Kororoit Creek.

In 2015, 410 scheduled train services bypassed the Altona Loop causing delays and preventing locals from getting to work and home sooner.

The partial duplication of the Altona Loop, a direct result of community feedback, will enable trains to pass or to wait off the main Werribee line. This will significantly improve reliability and reduce the probability of trains bypassing the loop.

Around 300 people will work on the project at its peak, with 35 per cent of workforce women from a variety of technical and safety disciplines.

The $82 million contract for the duplication and removal of the level crossing will be completed by the end of 2018.

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