Chandler Highway Upgrade

Upgrading Chandler Highway to improve traffic flow between Melbourne's inner east, south and north.



6New six lane bridge crossing the Yarra

127year old bridge for walking and cycling


The Chandler Highway has been widened so a second bridge can be built next to the existing one. The original bridge will be converted into a walking and cycling path.

All six lanes on the new Chandler Highway bridge are now open, providing welcome relief for the 44,000 drivers who rely on this crossing every day.

As part of the upgrade:

  • the Chandler Highway has widened to 6 lanes

  • the Chandler Highway heritage bridge has been restored to a walking and cycling path and into its existing condition

  • the Heidelberg Road and Chandler Highway intersection has been upgraded

  • new traffic lights were added at the Chandler Highway and Yarra Boulevard intersection

  • safer cycling and walking paths connecting to the Main Yarra Trail were built

  • landscaping was completed around the Yarra River

  • improved storm water drainage and lighting has improved.

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The Chandler Highway Upgrade is being delivered by Major Road Projects Victoria. Visit the website for more information.

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