We're exploring options to build a potential future new road link between Bulla-Diggers Rest Road and Somerton Road in Bulla. The Bulla Bypass would provide a new connection between Sunbury and the northern suburbs of Melbourne, including Melbourne Airport.

Planning for a bypass of the township of Bulla is looking at ways to improve traffic flow and ease congestion in the northern suburbs, improve safety by removing heavy vehicles travelling through Bulla and improve amenity and liveability for Bulla and Sunbury residents.

A future bypass would complement the Sunbury Road Upgrade between Bulla-Diggers Rest Road to Powlett Street in Sunbury, which will be delivered by 2025.

Current status

We’re undertaking planning and development work to inform a potential future bypass. This includes traffic modelling, planning studies and environmental investigations. Investigations will consider any recent changes in the area, including the population changes in Sunbury, as well as changes to environmental and planning regulations.

We are also reviewing the technical studies and designs developed by the Department of Transport and are building on these to inform our planning.

This development work will allow us to better understand environmental and social impacts, develop design options and confirm scope and costs of different options.

Our focus is to ensure a potential future bypass provides the best outcomes for the community and the environment.

Timelines and milestones for a potential future bypass will be determined through this planning work and a Business Case is being developed and is anticipated to be finalised in 2022.

What we heard

From 17 November to 5 December 2021, we asked for community feedback on a potential future bypass via Engage Victoria. Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback.

For information on what we heard view our consultation report (PDF, 985.7 KB).

Your feedback has helped us understand how you currently use the road network as well as providing important local insights, including community views on access, efficiency, safety, environmental values and what’s important to you in your local area. This information has built on previous feedback received by the Department of Transport.

Feedback is being considered in our planning and will help shape the development of design options for the bypass.