Streamlining Hoddle Street

Improved traffic flow and access for public transport users, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians travelling through Hoddle Street and Punt Road



4key intersection upgrades


The Streamlining Hoddle Street project was designed to improve the travel experience for the 330,000 people who travel along and across this busy road each day.

Works started on the project in early 2018 and were completed in September 2019.

Four major intersections were upgraded to help improve traffic flow along Hoddle Street and Punt Road. The first stage included upgrades at Hoddle Street and Johnston Street and the Eastern Freeway entry ramp. The second stage on Punt Road included both Swan Street and Brunton Avenue.

Victoria’s first Continuous Flow Intersection was completed at Punt Road and Swan Street, saving four minutes per day of travel time and allowing 400 more vehicles to travel through the intersection in each peak hour.

Pedestrian and bike access

Walking, cycling and public transport connections have been upgraded along Hoddle Street and Punt Road to make it easier and safer to move around the area.

Upgrades included:

  • 330 metres of new footpath, including wider footpaths and shorter crossing distances on Hoddle Street
  • new shared walking and cycling paths on both sides of Hoddle Street
  • eleven new bikes racks installed
  • a new raised walkway on Punt Road under the Richmond rail bridge
  • new and upgraded walking and cycling paths at Swan Street to improve access and safety.

Bus and tram stop upgrades

Bus and tram stops have been upgraded, making journeys on public transport safer and more reliable.

Upgrades included:

  • combined three trams stops into one new accessible tram stop on Swan Street
  • a new, twin-platform tram stop for both directions at the corner of Punt Road and Swan Street
  • moved Punt Road bus stops back to the footpath, removing the road crossing
  • created dedicated bus and tram lanes to allow for priority at traffic lights.

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Project timeline

The Streamlining Hoddle Street project was completed at the end of 2019


Major Road Projects Victoria is overseeing the Streamlining Hoddle Street project. Visit the project website for more information.

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