Understanding PFAS levels expected to be found during tunnelling

To get ready for tunnel boring for the West Gate Tunnel Project, testing has been carried out to understand the levels of PFAS expected to be found during tunnelling. This includes testing on the soil and groundwater done during studies for the project’s Environment Effects Statement, and additional testing since then.

The tunnel boring machines will be removing soil between about 20 and 40m below surface level. At this depth the tunnel boring machines are working through natural rock and soil, and it is expected we will come across PFAS mostly from groundwater.

Before permanent disposal, soil tests will be completed to validate that the actual levels of PFAS are within the limits to be approved by the Victorian Environment Protection Authority.

This video also explains the levels expected to be found. Dr Jackie Wright is from environmental assessment services provider, EnRisks.

This video has been prepared by Transurban for the purpose of community information.