Projects get a sustainability boost with Recycled First

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Recycled First is an initiative which will identify ways for the Victorian Government to increase the use of recycled materials in major infrastructure projects, as well as increase demand for recycled products and promote innovation in the industry.

With Victoria’s Big Build currently delivering more than 100 major road and rail projects across the state, there is a huge opportunity to drive significant change in the reuse of construction waste material.

The program will incorporate recycled and reused materials that meet existing standards for road and rail projects – with recycled aggregates, glass, plastic, timber, steel, ballast, crushed concrete, crushed brick, crumb rubber, reclaimed asphalt pavement and organics taking precedence over brand new materials.

Recycled First requires companies interested in delivering major transport infrastructure projects to demonstrate how they will prioritise recycled and reused materials while maintaining compliance and quality standards.

Work is already underway with current construction partners to ensure more recycled content is being used on major projects, including:

Major projects are also reusing materials created by their own works, with 14,000 tonnes of soil excavated from the Metro Tunnel site in Parkville, which would otherwise go to landfill, is now being used in pavement layers on roads in Point Cook.

For more information, contact the team at or on 1800 105 105.

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