MTIA Leadership Integrity Statement

Acting with integrity is the cornerstone of good governance, a pre-condition for legitimacy of government activities, and for public trust in government.

We are individually and collectively committed to championing a culture of integrity and ethical leadership at the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA).

To support MTIA people to understand their obligations, MTIA has developed an integrity awareness and training approach:

MTIA Know Avoid Report wide graphic


Know your obligations

MTIA Leadership recognises and values our people who live and embody the Victorian Public Sector Values.

This requires all our people to take active steps to know and understand our obligations.

We are committed to supporting you and will foster a culture that promotes ethical and professional conduct in the workplace.

This starts with executives displaying and modelling ethical leadership.

At MTIA, acting with integrity is everyone’s responsibility and it is our collective privilege to sustain community and government trust.

To aid us in this effort, we have introduced the MTIA Ethical Behaviours Statement which has been designed to make it simpler for MTIA people to know and apply the VPS Code of Conduct requirements in our day-to-day work, regardless of our role or responsibility at the MTIA.


Avoid conflicts of interest

As part of our commitment to a robust integrity culture at MTIA, we have endorsed the MTIA Integrity Framework. The Framework supports the MTIA to maintain organisational integrity through:

  • clear policies and procedures to assist our people to manage integrity issues and avoid conflicts of interest by full and transparent disclosures
  • transparent and ongoing communication of our collective integrity intent and commitment to our people, our commercial partners and to the community
  • clear communication to our people of their responsibility to act with integrity at all times and live the VPS Values through the MTIA Ethical Behaviours Statement
  • equipping our teams with appropriate training on the VPS Values, key integrity policy requirements and on our anti -fraud and corruption measures
  • providing systems and tools that make integrity compliance easier
  • managing our integrity vulnerabilities across our project offices and across the broader Major Transport Infrastructure Program through a coordinated approach.


Report integrity breaches

We want MTIA to be a place where our people feel safe to speak up.

Acting with integrity means not only doing the right thing yourself but calling out instances of improper behaviour.

At MTIA, any person who suspects they have or has witnessed wrongdoing and reports it, will be supported and protected.

We encourage anyone who has witnessed wrongdoing or suspects wrongdoing has occurred, to raise their concerns via these channels:

We reaffirm and reiterate our expectation that any behaviour in MTIA that is corrupt, or perceived to be corrupt, will not be tolerated and we commit that reported incidents will be investigated thoroughly.