If you intend to construct a building or carry out works on land affected by the Metro Tunnel Design and Development Overlay, it is recommended that you contact us for pre-planning advice.

Apply for pre-planning advice

If the proposal requires a planning permit, it is possible for Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) to provide an assessment prior to a planning application being lodged with the Responsible Authority where the application relates to a proposal which is unlikely to have significant implications for the development of Metro Tunnel, based on RPV’s assessment. Please see RPV Referrals process for more information.

We strongly recommend 'pre-planning' advice for these applications as it gives greater certainty to the applicant, RPV and the Responsible Authority. It may also exempt the need for a review by RPV as part of the formal planning permit referral process.

The following is a summary of the types of advice RPV can assist with.

Documents required

  1. Site and layout plans drawn to scale which show:
    1. the boundaries and dimensions of the site
    2. adjoining roads and infrastructure
    3. relevant ground levels and surface levels to AHD
    4. the layout and dimensions of existing and proposed buildings and works, including foundation details, loadings and proposed levels of bulk excavation or filling for the proposed works
    5. the location and use of all existing and proposed buildings.
  2. Sections and elevations drawn to scale which show:
    1. the boundaries and dimensions of the site
    2. the depth of any basements.
    3. the proposed foundations, including their form, founding levels and loads.
  3. Proposed or existing ground investigations including boreholes. (Note that boreholes and monitoring wells can create conduits for groundwater)
  4. Description of the proposed construction methods including excavation of the ground, temporary ground support and construction of foundations
  5. The details of any proposed drainage system, including any discharge outlet
  6. Details relating to the staging of development and the likely timing of each stage
  7. The structural general arrangement drawings in sufficient detail to enable the structural form to be understood


There are no fees associated with any of these requests.

Comply with RPV permit conditions

If you wish to obtain endorsement of either plans or reports (or both) to meet RPV planning permit conditions, submit the associated supporting materials. We will aim to provide a written response within 30 business days of the receiving all information.

Please note that there may be a requirement for further information which could delay the time taken to provide a response.

Email us to submit permit compliance documents