Working with us

Find out more about working in one of the Victoria’s Big Build project teams.

Learn about careers in road and rail

Interested in working in road and rail construction, but not sure where to start? We run short-term programs introducing you to the job opportunities at Victoria’s Big Build.

Rail Careers school engagement program – Sessions run at the Rail Academy Newport and virtually, helping secondary students learn about career opportunities in the rail, light rail and construction industries.

Metro Tunnel HQ – The ‘career explorers’ session for year 9 students in Melbourne's CBD is designed to unearth the surprising range of roles available in large infrastructure projects and how these align with individual students’ skills and passions.

GROW program – A 5-day program to introduce people experiencing disadvantage to career possibilities in the rail and construction industry.

Which occupations work on Victoria’s Big Build?

These are just some of the roles we have working to build Victoria's transport future.

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