The Victorian Government is removing 20 dangerous level crossings and building 13 new stations as part of a $4 billion upgrade on the Frankston line that will improve safety, reduce congestion and allow more trains to run more often.

As part of this project, the rail line will be lowered into a trench, the Neerim Road and Glen Huntly Road level crossings will be removed and a new Glenhuntly station will be built.

The new station – with its lowered platforms – will provide locals with increased safety and accessibility as well as improve connections between public transport, shops and community areas.

Vegetation removal is a critical step in the preparation for major construction.

Careful planning has been undertaken by qualified arborists and sustainability and environmental specialists to help minimise the impacts to local flora and fauna.

Why do we need to remove vegetation?

We need to remove some trees and shrubs to enable the safe construction of the new rail trench, install essential cables and services and provide temporary space for construction offices, machinery and equipment.

How do we remove trees and vegetation?

Independent arborists have assessed the trees and vegetation in the area. The following factors were used to help identify the structural strength of trees and vegetation in the area:

  • the size and location of tree roots
  • health and life expectancy of trees
  • amenity and environmental value that trees provide to the local area
  • where utilities are located in proximity to trees.

Any trees that pose a safety risk will be trimmed or removed. All trees will be inspected for wildlife which will be re-homed by qualified handlers on site.

Canary Island Date Palms

Royal Avenue in Glen Huntly is renowned for its iconic Canary Island Date Palms. They are a treasure that the project team will take very good care of.

As a result of their proximity to the rail corridor, the palm trees must be temporarily relocated to a safe location before they can be brought back and replanted.

The palms will be transported by a specialist team and will be carefully monitored while in transit and at their temporary location.

We have successfully managed the temporary removal of palm trees on other projects, further along the Frankston line at Carrum.

Reducing tree loss

We are constantly reviewing our design and construction methods in order to reduce the number of trees that need to be removed.

These efforts will be ongoing, with our workers on the ground continually looking for practical solutions to help avoid tree removal.

New Pocket Park

A leafy, pocket-sized park will be built at the new road connection on Neerim Road. The 'pocket park' will provide more greenery and community space for locals.

What happens to trees and vegetation that are removed?

Large logs and mulch will be used for landscaping and donated to local council, community groups and schools.

Replanting and landscaping

Tree planting and landscaping will take place once major works are completed in 2023.

We will plant two trees for every one that we remove, which will increase the overall tree canopy in the area.

Tree canopies keep neighbourhoods cool in summer, provide shade, create habitat for wildlife, and help support cleaner air and waterways.

There is limited space to plant next to the rail trench, so we are working with the City of Glen Eira to find planting locations.

More information regarding landscaping plans, what will be planted in your neighbourhood and how you can be involved will be shared with the community in the coming months.