7 December 2021

Parkdale new open space

We’re removing the dangerous and congested Warrigal Road and Parkers Road level crossings by building a rail bridge over the road and a new Parkdale Station.

This design solution will create the opportunity for around 2 MCGs' worth of open space.

The new open space will sit both under and on either side of the elevated rail and will be developed with input from the community.

Whether by car, bike or foot locals will be able to get to shops and cafes quickly and safely.

Opportunities for this new open space include family play areas, basketball courts, barbecue and recreation areas, open air gyms and dog parks, as well as the potential for more parking for the local shops, which will encourage more people to the shopping precinct.

There’ll also be room for lots of green open space with new trees and landscaping, and the opportunity for a safe off-road cycling and walking path connecting with the existing three-and-a-half-kilometre path from Warrigal Road in Mentone to Heather Grove in Cheltenham.

We're setting up an Open Space Advisory Panel to help us get the best use out of the new space the project creates.

The panel will be made up of local community members and stakeholders who will provide input into how the new open spaces will be developed.

Experience has shown that where we have built elevated rail, the new open space created is valued and well used by the community, bringing new cafes and shops to the area, and more places for everyone to enjoy.

Why elevated rail is the best design

Engineering assessments have determined elevated rail as the best design.

We assess every level crossing site based on its unique characteristics when determining the best solution for a project. No one option is best for all sites.

At Parkdale, we have factored in the geography of the area, the land uses on each side of the rail corridor and the overall amenity potential of the design.

We have removed more than 50 level crossings since 2015 and our engineers and designers have vast experience in creating liveable new spaces. We don’t only remove level crossings – we deliver new community facilities and open spaces.

Elevated rail has many advantages:

  • It connects two sides of the community by removing the constraints of the rail line.
  • Allows for more car parking for passengers and traders.
  • It will significantly improve safety for locals and enable people to cross the rail line easily.
  • There’ll be less disruption during construction and the new Parkdale Station will be open in time for the new Metro Tunnel services. This is important as it will mean more trains, more often on the Frankston line.
  • Reduces noise and there will be insignificant overshadowing of homes and shops.
  • We can create new open space and play areas under and around the rail bridge, and we’ll do this with input from the community.
  • We can plant more trees and greenery near the rail line and as part of the new open space.

Did you know property prices in Carrum increased by 30% in the 2 years after elevated rail and the extra open space was announced?

Trees near the rail line

Trees falling onto the rail line present a safety risk. In some instances we may need to remove existing trees that are within the construction ‘footprint’. For every 1m in height of new plantings, a tree must generally be set 1m back from the edge of the rail corridor. There is more scope for planting under a rail bridge than alongside a rail trench.

Community feedback

We have delivered rail bridge designs at many level crossing removal projects. While trench solutions can work well in some areas, they are not always the best design option. Our experience shows that while there is often initial community concern about an elevated rail, the design is supported once completed and people appreciate the benefits it brings.

  • ‘Amazing work! Well done! What a correction to the horrible run-down eyesore Carrum was.’ – Samuel, Carrum
  • ‘As far as I am concerned the new skyrail can't happen quickly enough as it will add so much more to my life as I get older. I look forward to being able to cross over and walk to the "other" part of the suburb in which I have lived most of my life and well understand the meaning of "community". Bring on the Skyrail – the sooner the better.’ – Long term Parkdale resident
  • ‘It's nice to see that they've put a bit of thought into this little hub. Having the basketball option and having the table tennis option is really nice. Hopefully it cultivates a bit more of a community vibe in the area.' – Zach, Caulfield to Dandenong
  • 'Its made a remarkable difference, I can come down here at any time of the day and not have to wait very long.' – Stewart, Caulfield to Dandenong
  • 'Mum and I drove under it the other day when I was driving her home. Truly amazing' – Jenny, Toorak

Want to help shape your new community space?

We’re setting up an Open Space Advisory Panel to help us get the best use out of the new space the project creates.

The panel will be made up of local community members and stakeholders who will provide input into how Parkdale’s newest community open spaces will be developed.

They will share their perspective to help us design a space that will be used by locals for generations to come.

Do you want to be part of the panel?

You could represent your community to help shape Parkdale’s newest open spaces that can be used by everyone.

Nominate to join the panel by visiting Engage Victoria.

Register your submission by 11.59pm Sunday 12 December.