The North Western Program Alliance (NWPA), comprises the Level Crossing Removal Project, Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM), John Holland (JH) and Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR).

Our commitment

NWPA is committed to integrating economic prosperity, social progress, and environmental benefit as balanced priorities into decision-making at every level of the business and throughout the project lifecycle. We aspire to create long-term value for the communities in which we work.

Our approach

NWPA will deliver projects that achieve a great social, environmental and economic legacy which supports the objectives of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We are adopting a strategic and resilient approach to address and mitigate the existing and emerging sustainability challenges for the rail infrastructure environment and our local communities.

Sustainability policy in practice

To effectively implement this policy, NWPA will:

  • Govern for sustainability by implementing project systems and processes to ensure the effective and efficient delivery and operation of our projects
  • Integrate economic, social, environmental and governance considerations into decision making, and seek to achieve positive outcomes in each
  • Create a sense of place for communities by providing well-designed stations and precincts that are comfortable, accessible, safe and attractive
  • Make a positive and meaningful contribution to community health and wellbeing by genuinely engaging with the community and project stakeholders
  • Build resilient infrastructure which is future-proofed and prepared for the challenges presented by climate change
  • Manage resources efficiently through embedding energy, water and material saving initiatives into our project design, construction and operation
  • Manage our impacts to protect the natural environment wherever possible, while seeking opportunities to enhance ecological value within our works
  • Enhance workforce health and wellbeing, inclusion and diversity, and skills and training through professional development and employee empowerment
  • Demonstrate commitment to sustainable and ethical procurement, including prioritising local industry participation, social procurement and avoiding modern slavery
  • Encourage innovation within our projects and supply chain to achieve sustainable outcomes
  • Measure and report the sustainability performance of the project.

Rob Cranston
Alliance General Manager
North Western Program Alliance
May 2020

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