26 April 2023

The South Eastern Program Alliance (SEPA) is responsible for delivering level crossing removal works as directed under an Alliance framework including Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP), Laing O’Rourke (LOR), Jacobs and Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM).

Sustainability for the Alliance is about maximising our environmental, economic, and socio-economic performance in the interests of the business, our stakeholders, the communities we deliver these projects for in leaving a lasting a legacy in the service of humanity, and our planet.

At SEPA we are committed to a continuous improvement and data-driven approach to sustainability that delivers and demonstrates tangible initiatives and outcomes to improve our sustainability performance.

SEPA’s sustainability agenda will be achieved by focusing on:

  • Undertaking climate change risk assessments for all work packages to ensure we build assets resilient to the impacts of climate change
  • Using the decarbonisation hierarchy to reduce our site emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2)
  • Identifying and introducing sustainable materials to reduce our embodied emissions, such as low carbon concrete and recycled and re-used materials in accordance with the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (MTIA) Recycled First Policy (scope 3)
  • Circular economy initiatives that seek to maximise the diversion from landfill (reuse or recycling) of our construction waste, waste spoil and office waste
  • Introducing innovative measures to reduce our water usage throughout construction and operation
  • Increasing the ecological value of each of our sites
  • Increasing industry capability and social value through social procurement activities such as:
    • Dollars spent with social benefits suppliers such as Aboriginal-owned businesses and social enterprises
    • Achieving Aboriginal Employment Target (AET) in dollars and hours to generate greater, sustainable economic benefits for Aboriginal Victorians
    • Contributing to the employment and training costs of socially or economically disadvantaged persons (including people living with disability or mental illness, long term unemployed or retrenched people)
    • Supporting the entry of new talent into the industry under the Major Project Skills Guarantee (MPSG), which brings skilled work from apprentices, cadets and trainees into infrastructure projects and the wider construction industry
    • Procuring locally as a Strategic Project under the Victorian Industry Participation (VIPP), and the Social Procurement Framework Policy
  • Increasing local heritage value through the urban form.

SEPA will set and review annual targets aligned broadly to LXRP, industry and its alliance parent organisations to achieve the above policy objectives.

The Alliance Leadership Team fully endorse this policy.

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