24 February 2022

Crossing gone in April, new station open in May

The Victorian Government is removing 22 dangerous level crossings along the Pakenham line, including the Hallam Road level crossing, as part of the $15 billion investment that will improve safety, reduce congestion, and allow more trains to run more often.

The dangerous and congested level crossing at Hallam Road is being removed and a new, modern Hallam Station will open to passengers in early May, thanks to a major construction blitz that will kick off from 9 March.

During the construction blitz, we’ll close Hallam Road to remove the boom gates, allowing trains to run along the new rail bridge over Hallam Road for the first time.

When the level crossing free Hallam Road reopens, it will ease congestion for the 20,000 vehicles that drive through the area every day and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Working this way will avoid the need for rolling closures of Hallam Road spread out over a longer period of time, meaning we can open the new Hallam Station ahead of schedule.

Thanks for your patience as we work to remove the boom gates at Hallam Road and get closer to opening your new station.

Why this level crossing needs to go

  • Improves safety for pedestrians and drivers
  • More reliable road networks
  • No more delays at the boom gates
  • New station with better facilities
  • Hundreds of jobs during construction

Your new Hallam Station

  • Station entrances on both sides of Hallam Road
  • Better access with new stairs and lifts
  • Improved safety with more lighting and CCTV
  • Upgraded station car park with more accessible parking, new drop off zones and taxi rank

Changes to the way you travel

During the construction blitz there will be significant road and rail disruptions.

Hallam Station will close from 9pm, Wednesday 9 March with the new station opening on Monday 2 May.

Buses will replace trains on the Pakenham Line between Dandenong and Pakenham from 9pm, Wednesday 9 March to last service on Monday 21 March. Coaches will replace V-Line trains from Southern Cross to Traralgon and Bairnsdale during this time. To plan your journey visit ptv.vic.gov.au

Hallam Road will also be closed at the level crossing from Wednesday 9 March to Saturday 2 April. Detour routes via Pound Road and Princes Highway will be in place and access to local businesses and residents will be maintained.





Hallam Road

Wednesday 9 March – Saturday 2 April 2022

Hallam Road closed at the level crossing. Local access will be maintained.

Bus stops

Wednesday 9 March – Saturday 2 April 2022

Bus stops closed on Hallam Road between Pound Road and Princes Highway.



Wednesday 9 March – Monday 2 May 2022

Hallam Station closed, including all station facilities (myki, public toilets etc). During this time, trains will not stop at Hallam Station.

Buses replace trains

Wednesday 9 March – Tuesday 22 March 2022

On the Pakenham Line between Dandenong and Pakenham, Gippsland Line impacted.

Trains will run express through Hallam Station

Monday 21 March – last service, Sunday 1 May 2022

A shuttle bus will operate between Dandenong and Narre Warren stations to connect passengers to their Pakenham Line service.

Pedestrian and cyclists

Pedestrian level crossing on Hallam Road

Wednesday 9 March – Saturday 2 April 2022

The pedestrian level crossing on Hallam Road will be closed.

Bike Parkiteer at Hallam Station is closed

Closed until Monday 2 May 2022

Temporary bike parking hoops are available at the station near the Platform 1 ramp.

Please note the dates and times for above works are subject to change due to adverse weather and unforeseen program changes.

See more information on upcoming disruptions.

Construction progress at Hallam

Major construction has entered the final stretch at Hallam with the new rail bridge over Hallam Road nearing completion, and works progressing to build the new Hallam Station, which will feature a second entrance and modern, safe facilities.

Throughout the recent summer construction blitz, our construction crews worked day and night on the new station building, lifts, stairs, platform screens, roof panels and access points

We also continued reconstructing the northern carpark, installed new structures to support overhead lines in the rail corridor, and conducted drainage and sewerage relocation works.

Meet the engineer taking Hallam to the next level

Salam is one of the Level Crossings Removal Project’s most experienced engineers, who is helping to remove the dangerous and congested level crossing on Hallam Road.

Since starting his career as a site engineer, Sal – as he is known to his colleagues – has worked on seven level crossing removal projects across Melbourne including St Albans, Blackburn, Caulfield, Dandenong, Lower Plenty, Heatherdale and now as a construction manager at Hallam.

‘These projects have given me numerous skills, which allow me to fulfil my role here at Hallam while also allowing others to learn from my experiences so they can take a step forward as I did, from site engineer to construction manager,’ Sal said.

With a major construction blitz about to get underway, Sal is looking forward to the new Hallam Station revitalising the area and improving access for road users, rail passengers and the local community.

‘At the completion of these works, the level crossing will be gone for good, which will improve the traffic flow through Hallam as well as making it safer for pedestrians when accessing the new Hallam Station,’ Sal said.

‘On behalf of the construction team at Hallam, I’d like to thank the community in advance for their patience and understanding and we look forward to welcoming you to the brand-new station from 2 May’.

Dwarf Galaxias fish at Hallam

Learn how we looked after the Dwarf Galaxias fish, found near our Hallam Road Level Crossing Removal Project.

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Project timeline

Late 2020

  • Major works begin


  • Underground works complete
  • First deliveries of the main bridge structures
  • Bridge construction commences

Late 2021

  • Rail bridge construction continues
  • Construction of the new Hallam Station begins


  • Level crossing removed
  • New Hallam Station open