25 November 2020

The Victorian Government is removing the dangerous level crossing at Hallam Road, Hallam, and building a new station to improve safety, reduce congestion and pave the way for more trains, more often on the Pakenham line.

In response to community feedback, we’ve updated the station design to feature 2 entrances, so passengers can access the elevated platforms from either side of Hallam Road.

Benefits of the design

The second entrance will allow people who walk, cycle or catch the bus to safely enter the station from either side of Hallam Road, without needing to cross at the pedestrian lights. It also caters for current and future needs by providing space for Hallam Road to be duplicated.

Bold and open design

Our architects have designed the new Hallam Station as a feature for the area. White architectural screening will help people see the station as a landmark from afar, and when up close, passengers can enjoy clear sightlines.

Perforations in the screening will allow people to see into the platforms and throughout the station, to maintain safety.

Better facilities and improved safety

The new station forecourt includes covered waiting areas, a bike cage and bike hoops, toilets in the western forecourt, and stairs and lifts for accessing the elevated platforms. The station will also include improved lighting and CCTV.

Safer pedestrian and cyclist access

Pedestrians can access either side of Hallam Road from the station platforms, or by the signalised pedestrian crossing just north of the station forecourt. This provides safer and easier connections to bus stops and businesses.

Stairs and lifts at each entrance will offer easy access to the platforms.

Upgrading the car park

The new Hallam Station will feature an upgraded car park, including a signalised entry and exit, more accessible parking, new ‘kiss and ride’ drop-off zones, a taxi rank with 5 spaces and safer pedestrian pathways.

Hallam Station colour scheme

Warm, bold and fresh

In July 2020 we asked the community to rate their preferences for the station colour scheme to appear on features such as lifts, stairs, walls and columns. With over 230 responses, we saw a strong preference for warm, bold and fresh colours.

As a result of this community feedback, the design team is adding touches of yellow, green and orange to the new Hallam Station.