1 June 2022

Car travelling along a boom-gate free Hallam Road

Car travelling along a boom-gate free Hallam Road

Level crossing gone, new Hallam Station open

The dangerous and congested level crossing at Hallam Road is gone for good, and a brand-new Hallam Station is now open.

The Victorian Government has invested $15 billion in removing every level crossing on the Pakenham Line by 2025, changing the way people live, work and travel, and paving the way for more services, more often, when the Metro Tunnel opens.

The new station has taken pride of place on Hallam's skyline, with commuters stepping onto the elevated platforms for the first time during the morning peak on Monday 2 May.

The modern Hallam Station offers improved accessibility with station entrances via lifts and stairs on either side of Hallam Road.

The station opening follows the removal of the dangerous and congested Hallam Road level crossing in early April, with a new elevated rail bridge carrying trains over the road, making it safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Finishing works will continue over the coming months, including a new walking and cycling path that will connect Glencairn Avenue to the station’s eastern entrance.

Why this level crossing had to go

  • 20,000 vehicles travel along Hallam Road every day
  • The boom gates were for 33 per cent of the morning peak
  • 14 near misses at this level crossing in the past 10 years

Project Milestones

Your new Hallam Station

Responding to extensive community consultation, we have built a new Hallam Station designed to deliver better facilities that are easier for the community to access.

Bold and open design – White architectural screening helps people see the station as a landmark from afar, and when up close, commuters can enjoy clear sightlines and accessibility.

Better facilities – The new station forecourt includes covered waiting areas, improved lighting and CCTV cameras, more bike storage, public toilets, and stairs and lifts for accessing the elevated platforms.

Safer access – You can access the station platforms from either side of Hallam Road via lifts or stairs.

Two entrances - Two station entrances allows people who walk, cycle, or catch the bus to safely enter the station from either side of Hallam Road, without needing to cross at the pedestrian lights.

Upgrading the car park – You can safely move about the car park with a signalised entry and exit point. Works are continuing to mid-2022 to complete the car park, with new drop-off zones, more accessible parking, and a taxi rank with five spaces.

Hear from Nurray from local business, Mardini Bakery and Kebabs, on how the Hallam Road level crossing removal will help the local area.

New forecourt at western entranceNew forecourt at western entrance

Train to Pakenham arrives on the new platform 2

Train to Pakenham arrives on the new platform 2

Local family waiting on the new platformLocal family waiting on the new platform

Upgraded north-west car parkUpgraded north-west car park

Passengers boarding citybound train

Passengers boarding citybound train

The new Hallam Station Precinct

Map showing new Hallam Station precinct


Artist impression of new artwork at Hallam Station

New station artwork by Australian artist, Rose Nolan. Artist impression only, subject to change.

The new rail bridge will be brought to life with a bold and vivid artwork by internationally renowned Australian artist, Rose Nolan.

The artwork is titled You Me Us Here Now and provides a positive and unifying refrain that draws on the notion of shared journeys and the experience of travel and movement.

The bi-directional nature of the commuter’s travel is reflected in the repeated phrase appearing underneath the rail bridge, in opposite directions.

Sustainability at Hallam

  • Solar-powered caravans on site saved about 2.7 tonnes of carbon emissions every week
  • Four water tanks each holding 40,000 litres of rainwater captured on site which was then reused in construction processes
  • Grid-powered lighting, rather than diesel, saved thousands of litres of diesel fuel and several tonnes of carbon emissions

Read our factsheet and learn the steps taken to manage the environment at Hallam.

Learn how we looked after the endangered Dwarf Galaxias fish.

Georgia from the Environmental and Sustainability team testing the water quality of the Dwarf Galaxias' habitatGeorgia from the Environmental and Sustainability team testing the water quality of the Dwarf Galaxias' habitat.

Thank you, Hallam

Thank you for your patience as we completed these important infrastructure works in your area.

Before the level crossing was removed, more than 20,000 vehicles travelled along Hallam Road each day, where the boom gates were down for more than a third of the morning peak.

Early works started in October 2020; the level crossing was removed in April 2022. The project will be fully completed in mid-2022.

Thanks for being a part of the Hallam Road Level Crossing Removal Project.

traders enjoy a free lunch to celebrate the new station openingLocal traders enjoy a free lunch to celebrate the new station opening.

Local children enjoy activities on day one of the new Hallam Station openingLocal children enjoy activities on day one of the new Hallam Station opening.

Project timeline

Late 2020

  • Major works begin

Mid 2021

  • Underground works complete
  • First deliveries of the main bridge structures
  • Bridge construction commences

Late 2021

  • Rail bridge construction continues
  • Construction of the new Hallam Station begins


  • Level crossing gone for good
  • New station open