9 February 2021

Introducing your new Greensborough and Montmorency stations

The Victorian Government is investing $530 million in the second stage of the Hurstbridge Line Duplication that will deliver further improvements, including more train services, less crowding on peak trains and better connections to public transport in Melbourne’s north east.

As part of this project, we're building new stations at Greensborough and Montmorency. We’ve developed designs for the stations that not only reflect the character of the local areas but more importantly, factor in what we heard from the community.

You told us you wanted to ensure the station precincts incorporate more vegetation and landscaping, provide better connections, improve facilities and accessibility for all and include more station parking.

Both stations will be safer, with new straight platforms eliminating the gap between the train and platform, reducing the risk of trips and falls. There will also be improved lighting and CCTV cameras throughout the precincts, improving safety and security for passengers.

Project features

  • Safer straight platforms
  • Improved connections between stations, shops and parkland
  • Better all-abilities access in and around the station precinct
  • More parking
  • More landscaping and vegetation in station precincts with over 1900 trees and 37,500 plants, shrubs and grasses

More trains more often

  • Every 7 minutes from Greensborough
  • Every 10 minutes from Montmorency and Eltham
  • Every 20 minutes from Diamond Creek, Wattle Glen and Hurstbridge
  • Two additional services from Hurstbridge
  • Five additional services on the Mernda line

Your new Greensborough Station

The community told us the top priorities at Greensborough were better pedestrian access to the station, better connections between the station and its surrounds, and car parking.

The final design reflects your feedback while also meeting technical requirements such as ground conditions, natural features and the constraints of the rail corridor.

New straight platforms will enhance passenger safety. This is because a curved track presents a gap between the train and the platform, increasing the risk of trips and falls.

When it came to design, community members said they preferred modern, natural and earthy tones, along with native vegetation. The final design reflects these preferences, with the colours and feel of the buildings complementing the surrounding landscape. Extensive vegetation and landscaping will be a feature of the station.

The station includes an air-conditioned waiting room, unisex and ambulant toilets, ticket office, and an office for Protective Services Officers (PSO).

A covered pedestrian bridge and concourse will make it easier to cross the rail corridor between Poulter Avenue and Para Road, improving access between the station, shops and parkland. The bridge will be at street level on Para Road, providing access for people of all abilities. The precinct will also incorporate wider footpaths, improving accessibility and safety.

More parking will be built in the station precinct with planning underway for 100 car spaces at Greensborough Station as part of the Car Parks for Commuters program.

Cyclists will have 13 new bike hoops and a new storage cage with 26 spaces.

Your new Montmorency Station

The new Montmorency Station will remain in the heart of the village, with the design reflecting community feedback. We heard strong preferences for a minimalist design that blends into the local environment with low visual impact, native vegetation and use of natural materials.

You told us you wanted improved facilities with better all abilities access and more weather protection.

Two new straight platforms will be built to accommodate the duplicated tracks. The platforms will shift around 100m west because modern safety and accessibility standards require all new platforms to be on a straight section of track. Canopies will be built on both platforms to give commuters more protection from the weather.

There will be a new safer pedestrian crossing that will align with Were Street to provide a seamless connection between Station Road and Mayona Road. The crossing will feature an activated gate and warning bells that will sound when a train is coming.

There will be 2 entrances to the station. Each platform will have an entry forecourt, with the main entrance on the Station Road side.

Vegetation is important to the community, so landscaping and pathways will maintain the village feel of Montmorency, with more than 700 trees and 15,000 plants, shrubs and grasses to be planted in the new station precinct to extend the bushland feel of the area.

An extra 30 car spaces will be built in the station precinct, which will help reduce the number of cars parked in local streets.

There will be a new safe and secure bike storage facility, plus more bike hoops outside the station.

Upcoming construction works

The community will start to see more workers and activity in the area as works on the Hurstbridge Line Duplication get moving.

Site Establishment

From early March, fencing and concrete barriers will start to go up along the rail corridor, and the first site compound will be set up at Greensborough. Other site compounds will be set up in the coming months.

Car park closures

Parking at Greensborough and Montmorency stations will gradually close as works progress and will not fully reopen until works are completed in 2022. Information on the various alternative parking options will be available in the coming weeks.

Rail Closure

There will be a rail closure from Friday 12 March to Monday 15 March. Train replacement buses will run during this time.

Tree and Vegetation Removal

These works will require some tree and vegetation removal.

While tree and vegetation removal are a necessary part of major construction, we work hard to reduce our impact on vegetation. We constantly review our design and construction methods to reduce the number of trees that need to be removed.

We will work with the community to find ways to reuse removed trees and vegetation whenever possible, such as providing mulch to schools, kindergartens and community centres, and repurposing logs into play equipment or outdoor furniture.

More information about the tree and vegetation removal will be provided to the community in the coming weeks.

This is what you told us

Since late 2019, hundreds of people have attended drop-in sessions, taken part in online information sessions, and provided submissions.

Based on directions from the Department of Health and Human Services, in 2020 we used mostly online channels to ask for feedback on aspects of design including the overall look and feel, preferred materials and finishes, and landscaping.

There were more than 2200 visitors to the Engage Victoria project page, where people told us what was important to them and asked questions about the project.

What Greensborough told us

  • 12.8% more seating in the station
  • 44% updated station facilities
  • 18% more weather protected areas
  • 45% commuter car parking
  • 33.3% landscaping and vegetation
  • 69.4% better pedestrian access to the station
  • 64.6% better connections between station and surrounds

What Montmorency told us

  • 48.9% more weather protection
  • 40.6% updated station facilities
  • 36% better connections
  • 33.8% better pedestrian access
  • 72.9% landscaping and vegetation

Engaging with the community

Stakeholder Liaison Group

We are finalising membership of the new Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) and will soon introduce your community representatives to you.

The community members selected reflect a wide range of interests from Greensborough and Montmorency.

The SLG members will provide local perspectives on project works, particularly in relation to minimising construction impacts on the community and local businesses.

We will soon hold targeted information sessions for the Diamond Creek and Wattle Glen communities and engage through existing community and local interest groups.

Join the conversation

Subject to health advice, we will hold pop-up information sessions at Greensborough and Montmorency stations.

Project experts will be available to answer your questions about the station designs and the project.

Greensborough Station

  • Thursday 11 February 8am-11am
  • Wednesday 17 February 4pm-7pm
  • Wednesday 24 February 8am-11am

Montmorency Station

  • Wednesday 10 February 8am-11am
  • Saturday 13 February 9am-12 noon
  • Thursday 18 February 4pm-7pm
  • Saturday 20 February 9am-12 noon
  • Wednesday 24 February 2pm-5pm

Keeping in touch

Send us a private message on our Facebook page.

Contact our call centre on 1800 105 105 or contact@levelcrossings.vic.gov.au

Project timeline


  • Site investigations
  • Community consultation

Early 2020

  • Site investigations
  • Planning consultation

Late 2020

  • Community consultation
  • Station precinct layouts announced
  • Enabling works began


  • Station designs released
  • Construction begins


  • Works complete

*Please note that the timeline above is subject to change.