30 October 2022

The second stage of the Hurstbridge Line Duplication will deliver further improvements, including more train services, less crowding on peak trains and better connections to public transport in Melbourne's north east.

Introducing your new public art

Acclaimed sculptor Robert Bridgewater will create a striking new public artwork to enhance the new Montmorency Station precinct. It has been carefully designed to reflect the area’s character.

The sculpture will be inspired by the Eltham Copper Butterfly wing, which will be crafted using intricate and abstract representations of the Sweet bursaria shrub and Notoncus ant.

Before emerging from their cocoons as Eltham Copper Butterflies, the caterpillars are guarded by the ants which lead them to feed on the Sweet bursaria leaves. In return, the ants feed on sugar secretions from the caterpillars.

The cast iron sculpture will be left to rust naturally and turn a dark red colour to reference the agricultural heritage of the local area.

The artwork will be installed in mid 2023 at a focal point outside the new Montmorency Station, at the Station Road and Were Street intersection.

Robert Bridgewater artwork

Meet the artist, Robert Bridgewater

Robert Bridgewater’s celebrated works have been displayed at solo exhibitions and prominent locations across Australia.

His sculptures display the methodical marks of the artist’s hand, the labour of production and historical traditions of object making.

He has completed a series of commissions including for the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne, the Park Hyatt in Sydney and several private collections.

Sculptor Robert Bridgewater’s concept represents a symbiotic relationship of the butterfly, ant and Sweet bursaria shrub to act as a metaphor for the strength of cooperation and collaboration in the Montmorency community.

‘It is hoped that over time the sculpture will become a cherished part of the Montmorency village experience’.

- Robert Bridgewater

Photograph of Artist Robert Bridgewater

Artwork shaped by community feedback

Community feedback helped to shape the new public artwork.

In October 2021, locals including art students from Montmorency Secondary College and Eltham High School gained a deeper understanding about the planned sculpture at a virtual information session. During this session the community heard about the initial concepts from four shortlisted artists. Following the session, we asked the community about the desired look and feel of sculpture.

The sculpture draws inspiration from the native Eltham Copper Butterfly, a small butterfly with bright orange-yellow or copper colouring on the tops of its wings. The Eltham Copper Butterfly was not seen in the Montmorency area for more than 40 years before being spotted in January 2021. Significant measures were taken to protect the butterfly during construction of the Hurstbridge Line Duplication.

Project timeline


  • Site investigations
  • Community consultation

Early 2020

  • Site investigations
  • Planning consultation

Late 2020

  • Community consultation
  • Station precinct layouts announced
  • Enabling works started


  • Station designs released
  • Construction begins


  • Construction continues
  • Shared walking and cycling path construction begins

Mid 2023

  • Duplicated track complete
  • New stations open

End 2023

  • Shared walking and cycling path construction complete
  • Landscaping and other project completion works finish

*Timeline above subject to change.