18 January 2022

Summary of report

The Women in Transport Mentoring Program facilitates growth and knowledge transfer and drives the increased capability of women in transport. It helps women set and progress their professional goals, strengthen their industry connections and support life-long learning. The program is part of the State Government’s Women in Transport; a $6 million package of initiatives and business improvements led by Victoria’s Department of Transport.

Delivered by the Level Crossing Removal Project, there have been 2037 applications and 1512 participants of various disciplines from across government and private sectors taking part in the program since it began in 2018.

The 6 month program runs twice a year and offers 3 professional development sessions, networking opportunities, plus monthly guidance to structure mentee-mentor meetings. Pairs are matched based on criteria selected in their application forms, including areas for development, skills, and goals.

In August 2021, mentees and mentors were asked to complete a one year on survey, focusing on what, if any, impact the program had. Some 28 of 164 mentees and 18 of 151 mentors responded.

As well as illustrating the impact the program has on mentees and their mentors, its findings offer evidence the program resonates with women in Victoria’s transport industry, and they will inform future rounds to ensure that the program continues to grow and strengthen

If you need help accessing this report, please email witprograms@levelcrossings.vic.gov.au or call 1800 105 105.

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