Women in Transport Mentoring Program

The Women in Transport (WiT) program was the first of its kind in Australia back in 2017 and takes a strategic approach to shifting the dial in a sector typically dominated by men.

Since then, we have welcomed the introduction of the Victorian Government’s Gender Equality Strategy (2020) and the launch of the new Women in Transport Strategy 2021-2024.

The WiT Mentoring Program is delivered by the Level Crossing Removal Project as part of the Department of Transport and Planning’s $2 million Women in Transport package of initiatives and business improvements.

About the program

Participating in the Victorian Government’s Women In Transport Mentoring Program is your opportunity to make the transport industry great for women.

The program aims to encourage more women to enter and stay in the transport sector.

Whether mentee or mentor, you will benefit from personal and professional development and contribute to a culture of positive learning that will support the capability of women in transport now and in the future.

The program runs for 6 months and includes networking opportunities, professional development sessions, training and resources, as well as ongoing assistance and guidance to structure mentee-mentor meetings.

Applications for the 2023 WiT Mentoring Program are now closed. Applications for the next program will open early 2024.

WiT Mentoring Key Dates 2023

Applications open

6 March 2023

Applications close

6 April 2023

Applicants notified of their matches

24 April 2023

Program Launch Event

10 May 2023

Networking / professional development events (various)

May-Nov 2023

Final Program Event

2 November 2023


The program is open to people working in any role in Victoria's transport industry (including any Victorian government department or agency, or private business).

You can apply to be a mentor or mentee, not both. Being a mentor or mentee is a big responsibility, so we encourage people to take on one role only.

Mentors can be at any level – you don’t need to be a senior manager or expert, but you must have upwards of 5 years’ experience in your field.

Mentee participation is open to all women (inclusive of transgender women) and non-binary and gender diverse people.

Mentor participation is open to anyone and we encourage and welcome men as mentors. People from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.


For Mentees:

  • Experienced guidance and support from within the transport industry, in a structured program
  • Learning from industry experts, leaders and peers
  • Networking opportunities across different levels, fields and sectors of industry
  • Receiving feedback and developmental guidance
  • Identifying professional growth and career planning

For Mentors:

  • Pay it forward by supporting women to advance in their careers and help fill the gap of women in senior positions
  • Contribute to a culture supporting the capability of women in transport
  • Mutual benefit from personal and professional development
  • Stay abreast of emerging issues relevant to the industry
  • Further development of mentoring skills such as listening, asking questions, guiding, providing feedback, communication and interpersonal skills

Additional resources

Women in Transport 2023 Mentoring Program Guide

Women in Transport Mentoring Impact Report

Program video

Further information

To learn more about the program or to register your interest please email witprograms@levelcrossings.vic.gov.au

This program is run by the Level Crossing Removal Project – a project office of Major Transport Infrastructure Authority delivering Victoria's Big Build, on behalf of the Department of Transport and Planning.