Entry-level training for workers

Big Build Apprenticeships – Apprenticeships and traineeships working on iconic transport infrastructure projects.

Civil Construction Cadetships in Surveillance – A 2-year paid cadetship, learning the expert skills needed to become a civil surveillance professional.

Civil Construction Safety Cadetships – A 2-year paid cadetship developing the technical and professional skills to manage and improve civil construction site safety practices and performance.

VET in Schools – Certificate II in Rail Fundamentals – A 2-year part-time course that introduces year 10–12 students to work in the rail industry.

For experienced tradespeople and labourers

Civil Construction Technical Training Program – Short-term training modules to build key skills for delivering high-quality road and bridge projects.

Victorian Tunnelling Centre – For construction workers to receive specialist training in the construction and operation of rail, road and utilities tunnels.

For university students and graduates

Victoria's Big Build Graduate Programs – A 2-year paid program for university graduates across a wide range of disciplines.

Constructionarium – A hands-on 8-day accelerated training experience for early career professionals, interns, graduate program participants and those new to infrastructure.

Major Road Projects Victoria Internship Program - A 6-month paid program for students across a range of disciplines to gain exposure to real infrastructure projects and a hands-on experience related to their current studies.

Rail Signalling Engineer Cadetship – A 3-year paid program for university-qualified engineering graduates looking to specialise in signalling.

For experienced professionals

EPIC program – An 18-month paid cadetship for refugees and asylum seekers who are qualified engineers.

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