21 September 2022

Melbourne Airport Rail will address this long-awaited need for the benefit of all Victorians and visitors to the state, connecting Melbourne Airport to the heart of the CBD via the Metro Tunnel in around 30 minutes, to key metro destinations and Victoria’s thriving regional cities.

The Business Case presents extensive analysis that demonstrates that Melbourne Airport Rail via the Metro Tunnel is the most appropriate solution to improve connectivity to Melbourne Airport.

The Business Case finds Melbourne Airport Rail has strong economic credentials as a standalone project, with a Benefit Cost Ratio of up to $2.10 for every dollar spent.

The cost of the project is within the $8-13 billion estimated cost outlined in the 2018 Sunshine Route Strategic Appraisal (PDF, 749.5 KB).

The delivery of Melbourne Airport Rail will directly and indirectly support up to 8000 jobs. These jobs will range from engineers and planners to construction workers and local suppliers. This level of investment will increase the size of the state’s economy and jobs market – creating 1880 net additional jobs across the state at peak construction.

Melbourne Airport Rail also provides for improvements to the rail network in the future by incorporating features such as longer platforms and enabling a new station at Keilor East.

Melbourne Airport Rail:

  • aligns with the strategic policy objectives of Australian, Victorian and local governments
  • meets a pressing need to increase the capacity and reliability of access to and from Melbourne Airport
  • represents the best option identified to deliver the objectives of rail investment
  • delivers substantial social, environmental and economic benefits
  • is economically viable and backed by a strong strategic case
  • is the best value for money option which is deliverable within the proposed timeframes
  • is widely supported by stakeholders and the community.

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