1 March 2019

Stakeholder consultation report

Below is a summary of the information in this document. To read the full document, open the PDF file. If you require an accessible version of this document, please request one via our contact us form.

Summary of document

This report is an attachment to the North East Link Environment Effects Statement (EES). It has been used to inform the EES required for the project.

This report provides a summary of North East Link Project’s (NELP) communication and engagement activities and responses to issues and concerns raised to date.

North East Link is a proposed new freeway-standard road connection that would complete the missing link in Melbourne’s ring road, giving the city a fully completed orbital connection for the first time. North East Link would connect the M80 Ring Road (otherwise known as the Metropolitan Ring Road) to the Eastern Freeway, and include works along the Eastern Freeway from near Hoddle Street to Springvale Road.

On 2 February 2018, the Minister for Planning declared North East Link to be ‘public works’ under Section 3(1) of the Environment Effects Act 1978, which was published in the Victorian Government Gazette on 6 February 2018 (No. S 38 Tuesday 6 February 2018). This declaration triggered the requirement for the preparation of an EES to inform the Minister’s assessment of the project and the subsequent determinations of other decision-makers.

The scoping requirements for the EES published by the Minister for Planning describe the specific environmental matters to be investigated and documented in the project’s EES. The EES allows stakeholders to understand the likely environmental impacts of North East Link and how they are proposed to be managed.

Section 2.4 of the scoping requirements require NELP to undertake consultation to enable stakeholder and community knowledge and views to be considered in project planning and formal decision making. GHD was commissioned to support NELP with community and stakeholder engagement for North East Link.

NELP has undertaken an extensive communication and engagement program to support development of the North East Link reference project and inform this EES. The EES was developed in consultation with the community and stakeholders and in parallel with the reference project development. The reference project has been assessed in this EES.

More information about the EES can be found in the planning section of the website.