1 December 2019

Binnak Park is being upgraded to support sporting clubs temporarily relocated during the construction of North East Link.

North East Link will connect the M80 Ring road to an upgraded Eastern Freeway to fix the missing link in Melbourne’s road network.

As part of the delivery stage for North East Link project, several sites have been identified as possible construction support areas including AK Lines Reserve in Watsonia. If this ground is required, the Watsonia Football Club and Plenty Valley Cricket Club will need to relocate temporarily before construction starts.

We’ve been working with Banyule City Council to find a solution to suit all parties and Binnak Park was identified as a suitable option for the clubs to move to, where they will join Parade St Damian’s Junior Football Club.

As part of the club relocations the following new facilities will be constructed at Binnak Park:

  • upgraded natural turf AFL/cricket oval with:
    • natural turf cricket pitches
    • electronic scoreboard
    • behind goal netting
    • shelters for players and officials
    • upgraded sports field lighting
    • upgraded field irrigation
  • synthetic turf cricket nets
  • a new concrete footpath surrounding the oval
  • construction of a new pavilion
  • altering existing car park and construct additional carparks.


What will the new facilities look like?

You can view a preliminary masterplan and artist’s impression of the new Binnak Park on our sports facilities page.

Will there be changes to traffic and car parking around Binnak Park?

The Binnak Park Masterplan allows for an increase of around 50-55 car spaces which will replace the existing informal gravel car park.

The Masterplan allows for 2 vehicle entrances which will assist with traffic flow in and around the Park.

Will the new lighting impact the surrounding streets?

We will design the new flood lighting to focus directly on the sporting ground, to minimise light spill on surrounding areas. Lighting for the ground, car parks and access roads will be designed in accordance with the Australian standard for obtrusive lighting requirements and will comply with the maximum allowable light spill onto adjacent properties.

Will I still have access to the grounds outside planned sports games?

Yes, you will still be able to access the park for casual recreation and dog walking when they aren’t being used by sporting clubs.

Who will manage the grounds?

Banyule City Council own the grounds and will continue to manage them. North East Link will work with council to construct the facilities and return them to council for ongoing management including maintenance.

Will any trees be lost to construction?

We're expecting that some trees will be impacted to cater for construction and upgrades of the pavilion, carpark and the oval.

We’re currently reviewing our designs to minimise tree impact and identify areas for replanting on site and we’ll have more detail about tree loss and replanting in future community updates.

Will sustainability measures be included in the upgrades?

We are investigating a range of sustainability measures as a part of the design, including energy efficiency and rainwater harvesting.

Binnak Park sporting facility upgrade timeline

Site masterplan development

2018 to early 2019
  • preliminary engagement
Mid to late 2019
  • design refinement
December 2019

Planning minister’s assessment of NELP*

Facility design

Late 2019
  • finalise pavilion design
Late 2019 to early 2020
  • community information


Mid 2020
  • site construction begins

* Works will not commence until planning approvals determined in late 2019.

For more information about the Binnak Park and other North East Link sport and recreation projects visit our sports facilities page or call 1800 105 105.