1 July 2020

Keeping local sports clubs thriving while we build North East Link

Major upgrades at Binnak Park starting soon.

As part of a $68 million investment in new and upgraded sports facilities, works will start early next month on a new home for the Plenty Valley Cricket Club and Watsonia Sporting Club while North East Link is built.

Upgrades include a new pavilion, upgraded natural turf AFL and cricket oval with new lighting and new synthetic turf cricket nets. There will also be changes to the existing car park.

Plenty Valley Cricket Club and Watsonia Sporting Club will join Binnak Park’s other users, Parade St Damian’s Junior Football Club, when the upgrades are complete in mid-2021.

Visit our website to find out more about the Binnak Park upgrades.

We’re investing in Binnak Park to provide a base for the Plenty Valley Cricket Club and Watsonia Sporting Club due to construction impacts at their current grounds.

Will I still have access to the grounds during construction and after it's finished?

Yes, construction will be staged so that parts of the park will be accessible. See the construction zoning map on the back page for more details. The playground will still be accessible during construction, however for safety reasons some pedestrian areas next to the oval will be blocked off. Park facilities and the oval will be available for public use once upgrades are complete and when not in use for community club training and games.

What can I expect to see during construction?

Every effort will be made to manage the impact to residents. When work starts you will see work crews, trucks and other construction vehicles in the area. The crews will be working from 7am to 6pm weekdays and Saturdays from 7am to 3pm.

You can contact us to discuss your questions or concerns via 1800 105 105 or email community@northeastlink.vic.gov.au

Binnak Park construction

Construction timeline

Early August 2020

  • construction begins, compound establishment

Mid 2020 to mid 2021

  • Zone 1 – new sporting pavilion

Late 2020

  • Zone 2 – cricket practice nets upgrade

Late 2020 to mid 2021

  • Zone 3 – redevelopment of oval and surrounding area

Early 2021 to mid 2021

  • Zone 4 – formalisation of gravel car park

Early 2021 to mid 2021

  • Zone 5 – demolition of existing pavilion for car park and landscaping redevelopment

Mid 2021

  • Binnak Park upgrades complete

Dates subject to change.