1 May 2020

North East Link will connect the M80 Ring Road to an upgraded Eastern Freeway – finally fixing the missing link in Melbourne’s road network. It's Victoria’s priority road project and our state’s largest ever.

Disruptions to get this massive project built are unavoidable, including temporary or permanent use of sports fields and facilities. However, we know through careful planning and consultation with communities we can manage this well and keep local sports clubs thriving while we build North East Link and beyond.

We’re delivering a massive sports boost

Thousands of Victorians will benefit from a multi-million dollar investment to help upgrade sporting facilities to keep local clubs playing as we build and open North East Link.

Upgrades to 19 sports grounds along with other investments including new sports pavilions, female-friendly change rooms, new sports lighting and improved security will support over 20,000 players in various sports in Melbourne’s north and eastern suburbs.

We have been working closely with sports clubs, councils, schools and landowners for more than 2 years, to find the best places to make these upgrades where they will benefit the community most, including Bulleen Park.

We will keep supporting clubs and sporting association to make sure they have enough time to settle into their new facilities before construction starts.

Fast facts

  • 6 brand-new pavilions
  • 19 upgrades at local sports grounds
  • 20,000+ players and 18 sports clubs to benefit from sports upgrades
  • more than 255,000 square metres of new synthetic and natural turf

How we’ve been working with clubs, councils and other stakeholders

2017 to 2018: understanding the impacts

Meeting with sports clubs, facilities and councils impacted by construction to better understand their needs and concerns and how facility usage may change over time.

2018: exploring and assessing options

Developing options for each sports club and getting input from landowners such as local councils, and other interested groups such as state sporting associations.

Late 2018: refining the options

Discussing proposed relocation and upgrade options with club committees, council and other key stakeholders and refining as necessary.

2019: options presented through the EES process

Options were presented for public comment as part of the Environment Effects Statement (EES) process.

Late 2019 to 2020: finalising the options

Using what we heard through the EES process, and further consultation with councils, communities and interested groups to start to confirm relocation plans.

2020: developing a more detailed project design and plan

Once the detailed project design and construction timeline for North East Link is finalised, and we have agreed masterplans for the relocation sites, we'll work to make sure their transition to temporary or permanent new homes is smooth and well managed.

Changes to Bulleen Park

Based on the North East Link Project (NELP) reference design, some community sports fields and facilities within the Bulleen Park area will need to be temporarily or permanently relocated to make way for the tunnels, an interchange between North East Link and an upgraded Eastern Freeway. We’ve been working with local councils, clubs, facility managers and other landowners to discuss and finalise different options for existing users including:

Current venue Club or sporting group Interim venue Final venue
Bulleen Park Oval 1 Yarra Junior Football Club Ford Park Ford Park or new Bulleen Park Oval 1
  Bulleen Lions Football Club Clubs relocated directly to new facilities Veneto Club and Templestowe Road Soccer Facilities
Bulleen Park Oval 2 and 3

Bulleen Templestowe District Junior Football Club

Yarraleen Cricket Club

Marcellin Old Collegians Football Club

Staged upgrades to Bulleen Park fields 4/5, Ovals 2 and 3 New Ovals 2 and 3 in Bulleen Park
Bulleen Park Field 4 and 5 Templestowe United Football Club Clubs relocated directly to new facilities New Templestowe Road Soccer Facilities
Trinity Grammar School Bulleen School community and associated community clubs No interim venue required Relocate the tennis courts, archery and cricket nets within the school grounds
Marcellin College School community and Old Collegians Football, Cricket and Soccer clubs Realigned fields within Marcellin, and usage at Bulleen Park and other local relocation options Reinstated fields within Marcellin College

Map of new Bulleen Park area configuration

Existing (shown in orange)

  1. Trinity Grammar School Bulleen
  2. Bulleen Park Oval 1
  3. Marcellin College
  4. Bulleen Park Fields 4 and 5
  5. Freeway Golf Course
  6. Boroondara Tennis Centre

Proposed (shown in purple)

  1. Ford Park
  2. Templestowe Road Soccer Facilities (new)
  3. Veneto Club Soccer Field
  4. Bulleen Park Oval 1 (new)
  5. Bulleen Park Oval 2 (new)
  6. Bulleen Park Oval 3 (new)
  7. Trinity Grammar School Bulleen
  8. Marcellin College (temporary)

Ford Park

Yarra Junior Football League (YJFL) will move to an upgraded Ford Park in Bellfield where they will join current occupants, Ivanhoe Junior Football Club and Bellfield Cricket Club.

Banyule City Council and NELP have worked together with the existing user groups and YJFL to prepare for these upgrades. The Ford Park design and works are consistent with Banyule City Council endorsed plans developed in 2016 and construction is planned to begin later this year. The Ford Park upgrades will be complete before the works begin at oval 1 in Bulleen Park in 2021.

Veneto Club

The Veneto Club soccer fields will be upgraded with a synthetic surface and flood lights to accommodate more capacity for the Bulleen Lions Football Club.

Working closely with the Veneto Club, NELP has developed a masterplan for the site, which includes:

  • new sports field lighting
  • synthetic ground surface to allow more intensive ground use
  • safety netting
  • renovations to expand club change rooms.

Construction at the Veneto Club soccer fields will begin in 2020 and will be completed before North East Link works begin at Bulleen Park in 2021. Bulleen Lions Football Club will also be able to train and play games at the proposed Templestowe Road Soccer Facilities.

Bulleen Park Ovals

A new Bulleen Park (northern section) masterplan has been developed with Manningham City Council and local clubs, the league and state sporting associations. The redeveloped recreation precinct will primarily focus on AFL and cricket and also includes:

  • 3 natural turf ovals with synthetic cricket pitches on two ovals
  • cricket practice nets
  • new sports club pavilions
  • new trees planted next to the park
  • car parking

Construction will be staged to ensure current users, the Yarraleen Cricket Club and Bulleen Templestowe District Junior Football Club, will not be interrupted. Marcellin Old Collegians Football Club also use Bulleen Park and this will continue as usual.

Upgrades to the precinct are expected to start in 2024. Upon completion, the precinct will continue to be owned and maintained by Manningham City Council.

Templestowe Road Soccer Facilities

A brand new three field soccer facility will be developed at 27-59 Templestowe Road, Bulleen. This will replace two soccer fields at Bulleen Park and the use of Bulleen Park oval 1 for soccer. To keep clubs playing, the replacement fields will be built before works start on the Bulleen Park masterplan.

The masterplan for the site is a result of ongoing consultation with Manningham City Council, Football Victoria and local clubs.

The land includes the privately-owned Bulleen Golf Driving Range and land managed by Parks Victoria. The new precinct will be used by Templestowe United Football Club and Bulleen Lions Football Club as well as the community, and include:

  • 3 new soccer fields
  • a new pavilion
  • nature play elements
  • public access to the Yarra River connected by shared use paths
  • tree planting and creation of a new ecological zone.

Planning approval and land acquisition for the Templestowe Road Soccer Facilities will be subject to approval of a Planning Scheme Amendment by the Minister for Planning. Construction for the Templestowe Road Soccer Facilities is set to begin in late 2022 and will be complete before North East Link works begin at Bulleen Park around 2024.

Proposed changes

We’re still talking with local councils and schools about some additional sports fields and facilities that will be needed for project construction. These proposed changes are based on the reference design.

We’re committed to making sure that we limit the impact on sport facilities and clubs as much as possible so we’re aiming to build new facilities before North East Link construction begins.

Trinity Grammar School Bulleen

Tennis, archery and cricket net facilities at Trinity Grammar School Bulleen will need to be relocated. We’re currently working with the school to minimise disruption. Work to move facilities is planned to begin later this year.

Marcellin College

Areas of the Marcellin College sports fields may be used as a temporary construction area. We’ve been working with the school on an option to reconfigure the existing school sport facilities to ensure all sports currently being played can continue. We'll also continue working with the Marcellin Old Collegians sports clubs.

Carey Grammar

While a small amount of land within the Carey Grammar sports fields will be needed for construction, we’ll make sure access to the broader site is kept open throughout construction.

Freeway Golf Course and Boroondara Tennis Centre

NELP is working closely with Boroondara City Council on the preferred options for the Freeway Golf Course and Boroondara Tennis Centre. We’ll provide more information once a final decision has been made.