4 October 2021

Coleen Street Reserve Water Pressure Reducing Station

We’re starting to build the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network.

North East Link will finally fix the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network. It will slash travel times between the M80 Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway by up to 35 minutes, take 15,000 trucks off local roads a day, and give local roads back to local communities.

The project will deliver a massive upgrade to the Eastern Freeway, Melbourne’s first dedicated busway and more than 25km of new and upgraded walking and cycling paths.

This year power, water, gas, sewer and telecommunication services are being moved, ready for major construction to start in 2021.

CPB Contractors are leading the early works and we’ve started talking to the community about what will be happening near them.

Water Pressure Reducing Station

Water Pressure Reducing Stations ensure the safe transport of water through the pipe network at the correct pressures. They are common around Melbourne.

The water pressure reducing station near you does an essential job safely supplying water to local homes and businesses

Relocating the Borlase Reserve Pressure Reducing Station

The water Pressure Reducing Station (PRS) on the corner of Borlase and Drysdale Streets needs to be moved to allow for the construction of North East Link.

Moving the PRS will ensure that essential services provided by Melbourne Water and Yarra Valley Water can be maintained throughout the construction of North East Link and beyond.

The PRS will be moved about 250m into the reserve at Coleen Street, Yallambie (see map below).

The new site meets several important requirements, such as good connections with nearby water pipelines and provides easy access for maintenance crews.

The new PRS will have an improved site layout and an acoustic shed to protect residents from noise.

Keep up to date

The external design of the water Pressure Reducing Station will follow the North East Link Urban Design Strategy.

Later this year, we will be sharing the final design of the PRS and discussing what this means for nearby residents.


How will the PRS relocation affect me?

Above and below ground Pressure Reducing Stations are vital to the safe transport and supply of water throughout Melbourne.

While some disruptions to move the PRS are unavoidable, we know that through careful planning and consultation with communities we can manage this well.

Once operational, the PRS will comply with EPA required night-time noise limits of 39dBA. This is the same as the noise level experienced in a quiet room.

Why has the Coleen Street Reserve site been chosen?

To safely operate the PRS there are strict requirements for where it can be located, how much space is required, and the type of access needed. The new PRS also needs to connect to the existing pipe network.

Locating the PRS at the back of the reserve is the best way to limit the amount of open space required. It also makes it easier for work crews to build and access, helping to minimise disruptions for residents.

2020 timeline

  • Q1 – community information sessions
  • Q2 – conversations with the community about the design for the PRS
  • Q3 – construction on the new PRS expected to start
  • Q4 – new PRS finished, other early works around Borlase Reserve continue